Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon

April 4, 2016 CHITO

A new whitepaper that calls for a pared-down, simplified approach to health  measurement  in Oregon will be outlined during two upcoming webcasts April 6 and April 12. 

In the Oregon health care community, the desire for effective, efficient measurement of health and health care has grown more urgent by the day. In the whitepaper, "Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon," the organizations that form the Collaborative for Health Information Technology in Oregon (CHITO) call for a set of common quality reporting measures for Oregon by the end of 2016. 

We encourage you to sign up for one of the two upcoming webcasts, where members of CHITO's leadership will outline findings and recommendations to help drive the community conversation forward.

Suggested audience

These sessions are targeted for stakeholders who contributed to the work by participating in listening sessions or reviewing early drafts, and for interested members of the health care community. This includes health care CEOs, CFOs, data coordinators, quality directors, and health care providers.

Webcast Details

The webcast will be offered twice; please select one session below:



"Aligning Health Measurement in Oregon" is a result of two years of research by CHITO to study and develop recommendations around a proliferation of overlapping - and sometimes competing - state, federal, and commercial health care quality reporting initiatives and mandates.

CHITO is a strategic multi-stakeholder alliance created to align and improve the planning, execution, utility, and efficiency of Health Information Technology (HIT) with an emphasis on aligning data and analytics in Oregon.  CHITO comprises representatives from several health care entities, including the Oregon Health Leadership Council (OHLC), Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS), OCHIN, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp), and other partners.