Q Corp's Cost of Care Work Featured in Health Affairs Blog Post on AffordabilityExternal Link

News November 16, 2017
Health Affairs
Q Corp's Cost of Care work was featured alongside other organizations as examples of how regional health improvement collaboratives are taking on the health care affordability crisis in a Health Affairs blog post by author Elizabeth Mitchell. Read the post, The Road To Affordability: How Collaborating At The Community Level Can Reduce Costs, Improve Care, And Spread Best Practices here.

How Oregon Created a CPC+ CollaborativeExternal Link

News June 29, 2017
The Milbank Memorial Fund
Oregon is like a lot of markets participating in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) initiative, and payer participants in the state’s initiative know that they need to function as a “collaborative” if they are to meet the goals of the project—to help participating primary care practices transform the way they deliver care. Read more about this in the Milbank Memorial Fund Article, How Oregon Created a CPC+ Collaborative.

MACRA Playbook Conference Featured in State of Reform PostExternal Link

News June 6, 2017
State of Reform
MACRA. QPP. MIPS. Value-based payment. If you feel lost in the sea of acronyms, reporting requirements and systems-level change, you aren’t alone. Years of ongoing effort to transform the healthcare system – including the development of Coordinated Care Organizations and hundreds of primary care practices becoming recognized Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes – are now matched with Medicare’s move to paying for high-value care.

Portland Health Firm to Merge with Salt Lake City GroupExternal Link

News May 14, 2017
Portland Business Journal
About nine months after entering into a strategic business partnership, Oregon Health Care Quality Corp. and Salt Lake City-based HealthInsight Management Corp. have agreed to merge. The governing boards of those groups and HealthInsight Oregon, formerly known as Acumentra Health, approved the merger. HealthInsight and Q Corp have already collaborated on health care quality improvement and transformation efforts nationally for several years.

Q Corp Featured in State of Reforms' "5 Things We're Watching"External Link

News March 8, 2017
State of Reform
This summarizes the recent Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp) report which looked at cost and utilization across five regional markets (Oregon, Utah, Maryland, St. Louis and Minnesota). The report showed that Oregon health care utilization is lower than in the other regions but average prices are the highest—17% above the regional average (and 25% higher for inpatient).

NRHI Releases First-Ever Cost Comparison ReportExternal Link

News January 26, 2017
The Lund Report
The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) released a first-ever comparison of what commercial insurers are paying for healthcare in different regions. This report, featuring Oregon claims data provided by Q Corp's Total Cost of Care initiative, analyzed spending by commercial health insurance plans in five regions nationwide: Oregon, Utah, Maryland, St. Louis, and Minnesota.

Oregon Health Care Prices Dwarf Costs in Other RegionsExternal Link

News January 26, 2017
Portland Business Journal
Oregon emerged as the highest-priced market for health care among five regions studied in a newly issued a cost-comparison. Oregon’s prices came in 17 percent above average in the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement's study. Analysts used commercial claims data from five regions: Oregon, Utah, Maryland, St. Louis and Minnesota. The Oregon Healthcare Quality Corp (Q Corp) collected 2014 claims data from seven Oregon health plans encompassing a third of commercially insured Oregonians.

Health Plans Spend $1,000 More Per Patient Depending On RegionExternal Link

News January 26, 2017
Forbes Magazine
Heath spending by U.S. commercial insurers can vary by $1,000 or more per year per patient, depending on where enrollees live, according to a new analysis. The recent report by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) looked at the total cost of care tied to a physician’s practice on the treatment a patient receives. The network’s analysis examined 2014 data from five regions: Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, St. Louis and Utah, where stakeholders agreed to submit data.