Now Hiring: Project Director and Clinical Transformation Consultant

November 24, 2015 Source
Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp) is seeking a Project Director and Clinical Transformation Consultant to further develop the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute.

In 2016 a key Institute strategy is the planning, testing and implementation of a regionally-based infrastructure (“Extension Program”) that accelerates the ongoing development of comprehensive, coordinated and patient-centered primary care. Learning from models already in place in other states, the Extension Program will provide a forum for community-based coordination and development of transformation support resources.  The Project Director and Clinical Transformation Consultant will co-lead the extension pilot.  Read the position description for each below and share them with qualified applicants.

  • The Clinical Transformation Consultant is a physician who will lead the extension pilot, provide strategic guidance to Institute programs and serve as a medical home/transformation context expert and visionary.  Read the position description >>>
  • The Project Director is a medical home and quality improvement expert who will partner with the Clinical Transformation Consultant and a multitude of stakeholders to develop an infrastructure for sustainable, community-based technical assistance and support.  Read the position description >>>


Are you a primary care transformation leader who would like to nominate your community to serve as a pilot site?  If so, please email Kate Elliott, Program Director to setup a brief phone meeting to learn more and discuss the extension pilot site selection process timeline.