Consulting Services

Q Corp works on a variety of projects with health care provider organizations, hospitals, government agencies, medical societies and more. Some key examples of how we can help are:

Community Convening

In our unique role as a neutral convener, we bring health care stakeholders together to find common solutions to improve the quality, affordability and patient experience of care in Oregon. We have convened stakeholders from across Oregon to discuss reducing hospital readmissions, engaging consumers, measuring and reporting patient experience, technical assistance for primary care, and payment reform. Our convenings provide an opportunity for stakeholders and experts to align efforts to address quality and affordability issues and conceptualize and inform programs using unbiased data and analytics.

Data and Analytics

We partner with Oregon’s largest health insurers, the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to develop our comprehensive claims database. Our database includes claims from 2005 to present, representing care for over 3 million Oregonians. To date, our database includes 79 percent of the fully insured population, 24 percent of the self-insured population, 100 percent of the Medicaid population and 89 percent of the Medicare population in Oregon. Through this system, we are able to produce actionable analytics and reports for your organization. 

Collaborative Learning and Educational Resources

In the last two years we have partnered with technical assistance organizations to offer in-person training opportunities and practice coaching to more than 80 primary care practices in Oregon. Through the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, Q Corp has supported practices in their work to integrate behavioral health, partner with patients on quality improvement, improve access, enhance patient-centered communication and use patient experience surveys to improve care. We have also developed 30+ webinars and online learning modules to support practices in their transformation efforts. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your work, contact us at:


P: 503.241.3571