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Clinician & Organizational Vitality ResourcesExternal Link

Resource December 21, 2016
Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute
The Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute, in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority's Transformation Center, has created an area on the Institute website where you can find information, tools, and resources for Clinician and Organizational Vitality. Centered around addressing stress and burnout, these resources are for anyone working in health care that may benefit from wellness resources and tools.

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Use of claims data to estimate annual cervical cancer screening percentages in Portland metropolitan area, OregonExternal Link

Publication December 5, 2016
Cancer Epidemiology Journal
Nasreen Abdullah, Robert S. Laing, Susan Hariri, Collette M. Young, & Sean Schafer published a study using Q Corp claims data on how to estimate the percentage of women in a geographic population that have had cervical cancer screening. Their nfindings introduces a novel method to estimate population-level cervical cancer screening. Overall, the percentage of women screened in Portland, Oregon fell following changes in screening recommendations released in 2009 and later modified in 2012.

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Informing Community Projects with Community Health Assessments

Webinar December 7, 2016

Clinicians are often the first to see the contributors to and consequences of poor health behaviors.  Thinking of ways to help our communities address these issues can be of great importance and contribute to a sense of meaning within the community. 

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NRHI’s Getting to Affordability Learning Module Series External Link

Resource November 1, 2016
The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
NRHI has launched its Learning Module series, aimed at enabling participants to learn first-hand from the HealthDoers in the field. Join the Getting to Affordability social learning community at this link to access the eight modules that provide training on technical and stakeholder engagement aspects of measuring and reporting Total Cost of Care (TCoC) locally and regionally. In the community you can also access resources, and talk with the TCoC project team and other community members.

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NRHI and APCD Council Release Technical Resource for Measurement of Total Cost of Care (TCOC) Using Multi-Payer Data SetsExternal Link

Resource October 31, 2016
The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) and the APCD Council are pleased to announce the release of the Technical Resource for Measurement of Total Cost of Care (TCOC) using Multi-Payer Data Sets. The standardized technical specifications and lessons learned from the TCOC pilot regions have been translated into a more formal how-to guide for measuring and reporting total cost of care.

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Mindfulness Training for Clinician Vitality

Webinar December 13, 2016

This webinar is designed to help educate physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other healthcare clinicians about mindfulness skills and resources available to them to deal with professional and personal changes in the workplace, their changing clinical roles, and the potential for burnout. This is an experiential webinar offering participants first-hand practice with stress reduction strategies.

Clinician & Organizational Wellness

Webinar October 27, 2016

Join us for a webinar that is designed to help educate healthcare leadership, organizations and clinicians about coping skills and other resources available to deal with professional and personal changes in the workplace, changing clinical roles, and the potential for burnout.

Behavioral Health Integration Resource LibraryExternal Link

Resource September 29, 2016
In addition to the great resources the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute already offers, the Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library was created, in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center, as a comprehensive repository for information, tools, and examples of integrated care solutions - including virtual clinic visits, expert interview videos, webinars, toolkits, screeners, checklists, and more.

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Ready, Set, Share! Tools for Implementing Shared Decision Making

Webinar September 22, 2016

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a collaborative process that allows the patient and provider to make important health care decisions together. During this presentation you’ll learn some valuable lessons from the field, how to choose the most appropriate SDM topics for your clinic, how to integrate patient decision support tools and the process of SDM into routine workflows, learn about training resources for providers and staff, and where to go to get additional resources.

Patient Referrals to Self-Management Programs

Webinar October 26, 2016

When patients are diagnosed with a chronic disease, health professionals often provide initial health education and have little capacity for further support.  Ongoing support and reinforcement of self-care skills can be provided by community-based resources including evidence-based self-management workshops. This webinar will discuss the process of patient referral to self-management programs as an important element of care coordination which can improve patient satisfaction, engagement, and health outcomes, and will discuss ways to integrate referrals into clinic workflow.

What's New with PCPCH?

Webinar October 3, 2016

There are over 600 Oregon primary care clinics recognized as a Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH). Chances are you work in, or collaborate with, one of these clinics in some capacity. Get the inside scoop on what's changing in the PCPCH Program, including new standards for attestation in 2017.

Institute Resource Orientation

Webinar August 30, 2016

 Please join Q Corp staff for a monthly orientation to the resources available to primary care practices and other stakeholders through the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute. This 30 minute orientation is limited to up to 20 participants each session, and is an ideal welcome for people who are new to their positions within primary care transformation.